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A dog trainer like no other! Tony Nila is a Certified Accredited expert thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and behavior modification. He was also the host of the radio talk show K9 Talk radio on KAFF Classic Country and was an accredited PetSmart Instructor. Tony has also participated in protection training and detection under mentor Charlie Patton a former Air Force K9 handler. Tony is well versed in all training methods and styles. Other trainers often seek his advice in continuing to expand their knowledge of other training methods. Don't be fooled by hecklers, Tony gives his clients the choice of positive reinforcment, clicker training, traditional training, dog whispering, remote collar training and pinch or slip collar training. Beware of trainers that claim to be experts but have only a limited knowledge. There is no such thing as one method for all dogs. All dogs are special in their own way and possess different learning capabilities. He has also trained dogs for television. Tony is well versed in all training methods and styles, and continues to keep his education current by attending national seminars/workshops, as well as working with and apprenticing under different mentors. When in need Tony also volunteers his services with the Humane Association as well as several rescue organizations in California.

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